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Employee Health is Vital to Business Health.
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NCF provides oncology tools and services that can be offered as part of your Employee Assistance Program to ensure better health outcomes and reduced costs to those impacted by cancer.
Minimize Cost

Companies that utilize NCF experience less health care costs. NCF has helped save payer’s an average of $1,290 per patient through:

  • Reduced doctor visits
  • Reduced hospital emergency room visits and hospital admissions
  • Elimination of duplicative or unnecessary testing

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Maximize Outcomes

NCF provides a comprehensive cancer prevention and survivorship program that meets individual employee needs. Of those utilizing NCF’s services:

  • 100% have a better understanding of their disease, treatment options and available resources.
  • 98% feel better prepared for their provider visits and increased satisfaction with those visits.
  • 97% know more about their cancer after translations of pathology, scan and laboratory reports.
  • 95% are more confident in their decision making.

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Improve Business Health

NCF’s model creates a healthier workforce by providing support throughout all phases of the cancer care continuum – from prevention through survivorship. Healthy employees have:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased presenteeism
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale
  • Increased health and cancer education.

Overall decreased cancer related costs to employers and employees.

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NavigateCancer is the sole provider of Nurse Navigation Services to